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Most people would say that a good logo design is important because it can help to identify a company or product. It can also help to attract customers and employees. A well-designed logo can also help to create a positive brand image.

Crafting logos with impact

Logo design is the creation of a brand’s visual identity

Did you know that long-term memory contains icons and pictures, while short-term memory holds words? One of the many benefits of having a logo is that it is so effective for brand recognition. It’s also critical to differentiate between a logo and a company’s brand. Clients don’t need to know who you are or what you do in order to trust you. Your brand does that, not your product or service.

According to studies, even children as young as three are able to recall well-designed logos. A well-designed logo may give you hope, joy, and even jealousy. Every aspect of the design, from the psychology behind color pick to how it connects with your intended market, is considered. Your logo should match to your company’s image and messaging tone, whether it’s playful, conservative, or quirky.

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How we make great logos happen

For companies, designing a new logo is a watershed moment. With defined goals and a steady hand, we approach the challenge. Our approach is informed by years of hands-on work developing brands in practically every sector, and is grounded in research.

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The client is at the heart of our process. The creation of a logo that reflects brand identity necessitates open discussion about the state of a brand. As we approach research, ideation, and logo development, questions about external and internal brand perception, identity, and goals serve as our guide.

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Our logo design process is built on research and study. We add context by identifying patterns, researching competitors, and identifying prospective market niches even before we start our first ideas. This establishes our knowledge of brand identity, customer vision, customer sentiment, and other things, and this provides a strategic foundation for the remainder of the project.

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Our team can create a variety of design materials and logo ideas based on the topics we've selected from research. This is our chance to understand what brand stakeholders think about (and don't think about) through mood boards and competitor research.

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Our designers and strategists engage in a collaborative process where they gather to act on ideas, inspiration, and client suggestions. That is where we come up with logo ideas, which is as thrilling for us as it is for you. This is when we translate our body of research into logo ideas.

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The logo design process is never closed to clients. We approach the approval process iteratively by presenting ideas to customers, receiving feedback from them, and tweaking until we've ticked all the boxes. Your feedback drives the process from black-and-white ideas to color mockups to completion.

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Modern brands rely on their logos to communicate and do a lot of things, from app icons to push notifications. Our team is ready to define critical use cases and develop creative assets to fit a variety of digital situations once a logo design has been approved, ensuring visual identity consistency across the board.

A Rebrand is about growth, not loss.

In order to keep a current, relevant image in the market, rebranding is required. Most firms rebrand throughout time, retaining recognition while maintaining clientele. If done properly, you don’t lose either. A successful rebranding effort necessitates the development of a marketing campaign to build excitement for your new look. Our rebrand experts will make the transition process simple for you, ensuring that your customers remain enthusiastic and not perplexed by it.

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Maintaining Consistency with a Brand Guide is key.

Do you need a brand guide for your company? There is nothing we can’t do to assist you! It’s always a fantastic idea to create a guide for vendors who are connected with your brand. We create rules for your logo placement, color palette, font types, and all applications.

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