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There are a number of ways to create and implement your web presence. The most common way is to use our brand style guide which will allow you to make your website look unified, professional and consistent between the different device types such as desktop or mobile.

What Is a Web Design Style Guide?

A style guide is a reference source where you collect and present all of the design decisions for your website. This includes its color scheme, typography, spacing, icons, imagery, and all the visual language used on your site.

Style guide vs Design System

As a web designer, you’ve likely heard the terms “style guide” and “design system” a lot. Although they are related concepts, there are also some significant differences.
In a manner of speaking, a style guide is a younger sibling to a design system. In a design system, you would attempt to define every little rule and element involved in your work, taking into consideration all of the possible component states.
On the other hand, a style guide is more of a starting point for defining your brand’s digital image and voice. Here, you’d focus on showcasing only the most important components, possibly with the intention of developing a design system later on.
clabs style design
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Why Should You Create A Style Guide?

When you have multiple web professionals working on one site, it’s important to consolidate all your design decisions into a single reference source. This helps to keep your vision consistent across all pages and elements.
As you may already know, website design can be complex. With many people working on a project and so many iterations and changes required, it’s vital that everyone uses the same visual language so that the end result will be consistent and cohesive.

Keep Your Style Guide Up-to-Date

Web technologies and design trends are constantly evolving. This applies to businesses, too, so you’ll need to refresh your brand language over time. As a result, your style guide won’t remain static. Rather, you should expect right from its creation that you’ll make changes to it regularly.
This requires flexibility and attention to detail as a designer. You’ll need to keep up with the latest industry trends and be willing to adapt to them.
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Find Inspiration for Your Style Guide

Research is the best starting point for any design project. This means that before you embark on the journey of creating your style guide, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with best practices, as well as references to inspire your work.
To help you with this, here’s a selection of designs requested by our customers, created by our team to give you an impression of how different brands represent their identities online.

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