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What are Rich Snippets & How to Optimize Your Website for Them

If you’re new to the world of search engine optimisation, you may have briefly heard about rich snippets. SEO experts will tell you how significant they are for your website’s marketing efforts. Yet what is a rich snippet exactly? This guide has the answer. We’ll also detail its SEO importance, and how your site can start profiting from the benefits of rich snippets.

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What is Internal Linking?

Simply put, if you want your website content to rank in search results, it requires both internal and external links. External links are important so that Google can better locate your pages and posts. Internal links, while not as heavily promoted as their external counterpart, also have a major role to play. They can establish your website’s hierarchy, enhance the importance of certain pages, and provide Google with a general outline of the structure of your site.

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How to Optimize Content for SEO

For anyone creating pages with SEO in mind, there’s one ultimate goal in mind: to rank on the top page of Google. To reach this lofty – yet deliciously rewarding – target, content optimization is an integral component.

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What is Meta Description Tag?

When it comes to on-page SEO, you may have heard about title tags. Well, there’s one element that needs to be paired up with the title: a meta description. If you miss out on an effective SEO meta description, your webpages are going to miss out on precious ranking points with Google and other search engines.

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