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Aiden Medows Photography

Based in Orlando, Aiden Medow’s photography is all you need to make your wedding day a memorable one. Aiden’s priority is to capture raw, candid moments between a couple instead of following the tradition and asking them to do the same centuries-old poses. Aiden describes his photography as soul-stirring and real. Once you take a look at his work, you’ll realize that he chose just the right words to define his photography. He makes sure that the couple is comfortable around him by communicating with them so that he can get the best out of shoots. Creative Labs had the honor to revamp Aiden’s photography website to boost the growth of his business.
Aiden wanted to get rid of the sub-par design of his website so we prepared a series of questions to better understand his expectations and requirements. Aiden Medow told us what he wanted the website to look like and left the rest of the work to us. His website lacked the right colors and fonts which are often the reason that visitors don’t stay long enough on a website; in short, it needed a revamp from head-to-toe to make strides. We live in a digital era and almost all businesses now have a strong online presence therefore, Aiden realized it was about time he updated the appearance of his website with the help of Creative Labs.
We started working on Aiden’s website as soon as we formed the blueprint of his expectations. Further, we worked strategically so that the website was ready by the assigned time. Firstly, the Creative Labs team focused on the hues that would best suit Aiden’s photography. A combination of red, white and sandy pink sounded like the best idea when we took a look at the photographs clicked by Aiden. These colors weren’t too hard on the eyes of visitors which increased the probability that they might stay on your website for long. Moreover, we included all the contact information on the website for visitors’ convenience. The addition of a slideshow at the beginning of the website was for showcasing Aiden’s best work as soon as people visit the website.
Aiden’s decision to revamp his website worked out well for his business as the new website design didn’t just improve the appearance but also improved the ranking of the website on search engines. The website was well-defined and had the necessary pieces of information that potential clients might need to get familiar with the photography service. Everything from fonts, layout, and color combinations was according to Aiden’s liking and Creative Labs successfully transformed his expectation into reality within no time.

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