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Are you looking to grow your business leads and sales? Our expert Facebook advertising team is here to help you take your business to the next level with our Facebook agency services and solutions. We offer bespoke Facebook advertising campaigns that will get you fast results!
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Our Facebook Advertising Agency Services Explained

What is Facebook Advertising?

What’s certain in this day and age when it comes to digital marketing is that social media is an essential tool that all businesses should be using. Facebook, in particular, is a popular social media platform for businesses and individuals alike, and its phenomenal success means that any business that isn’t optimizing itself for Facebook is missing a key opportunity.
Facebook was the first company to gain one billion users worldwide. Today, over two billion people actively use Facebook, over one billion of which are using the platform on a daily basis. Furthermore, the ease with which you can now access social media through your phone using apps means that the Facebook app is even more popular. With this in mind, it’s understandable why any business should be utilizing this social media platform for their advertising.

Why Does Your Business Need Facebook Advertising?

With Facebook, you have a wealth of users to reach out to. This also means that you have a wealth of demographic data to use, due to Facebook’s store of basic personal data, such as age, gender, and location. This can better help you to target all your campaigns and advertising to the right people.
Facebook also allows its users to like certain content and share content that they like. This helps businesses to better understand the items or services that users are enjoying, and therefore, tailor their own content to the right people.
It’s key to remember, however, that succeeding on Facebook isn’t just about spreading the word about your business, gaining followers, or gaining likes. To make a profitable difference, you need to do more by promoting advertising campaigns and thereby driving sales.

How Does a Facebook Advertising Campaign Work?

We will work with you so that your goals are achieved, ensuring you see an incredible ROI. Our process involves us helping to create advertising that suit your demographic for Facebook PPC advertisement campaigns as well as managing your budget. We will track and optimize our efforts throughout the Facebook advertising process so that you can see a rise in engagement and click-through rates.
We are a Facebook PPC agency that aims to create custom and highly relevant advertisements for your targeted audience. Our focus is on delivering the right message at the right time.
Facebook has a huge audience, and with the right campaign, you can connect with users, make sales and even foster a long-term relationship with your followers so that you can see further organic reach as your users like, comment, and share your posts and ads with their friends and family.

What Does a Good Facebook Advertising Campaign Look Like?

Every great Facebook advertising campaign involves several key components, as well as an ongoing commitment to fine-tune any campaign so that your content and advertising budget are effectively used for maximum results:
With Creative Labs, you get a professional Facebook PPC agency that knows how to customize advertising campaigns, reach your target audience, and always deliver the relevant message at the right time.
We understand how important it is not only to reach your desired target market, but also to make lasting connections with them through social media. We not only want to improve your organic reach, but also help to implement lasting and loyal relationships between you and your customer base.

Our Facebook Advertising Agency Services Explained

Creative Labs has a wealth of experience in many industries. Our paid social campaigns provides you with the ability to target consumers in their natural habitat – their social media platforms. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter all offer paid social ad options that you can take advantage of for highly targeted ad placement.
We have helped many clients succeeded in digital marketing such as Gumtree, 888 Poker, Crowne Plaza, Love Honey, Ebuyer, Ebay, Holiday Inn, Betway Group, AX Paris, Pearson & Smyths Toys. Find out more about paid social case studies.

Deep Facebook Advertising Understanding

Our Facebook advertising team members have many years worth of paid social experience each which gives them a deep understanding of Facebook advertising and how to get the most out of your Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook Advertising Strategy & Implementation

Facebook advertising planning and strategy is key to a successful paid social campaign. Once the Facebook advertising strategy is approved by the client our paid social team members implement the strategy with the help of our wider digital marketing teams.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each Facebook advertising client will work with a dedicated account manager who’s goal is to work with the client and the paid social team to meet all the campaign goals and objectives.

Strategic Reporting

We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for a brand. We continually focus on performance and delivering ROI for your brand, which is why we analyse a campaign through detailed reporting – and we offer full transparency on our approach.

Our Facebook Advertising Agency Services Explained

Content Creation

1. Research

We thoroughly research your industry, competitors and target audience to deliver a facebook advertising strategy that works for your marketing objectives. We utilise our many years in paid marketing to deliver high ROI each month.

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2. Auditing & Analysis

We believe in reviewing your live Facebook advertising campaign (if you have any) before we recommend a enhanced strategy. By doing so, we can gain an insight into any existing performance and issues that could cause problems now or in the future. Once we have completed this phase we will present you our findings and strategy recommendations.

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3. Execution

We believe in targeting your audience, building relationships with them and taking your visitors on a journey that inspires and motivates them to make a purchase. Our paid social specialists have the experience, creativity and technical know-how to develop a bespoke paid social campaigns that aligns with your marketing objectives.

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4. Measurement

We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for a brand. We continually focus on performance and delivering ROI for your brand, which is why we analyse a campaign through detailed reporting – and we offer full transparency on our approach.

Paid Social Pricing

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Every business wants to increase their leads and customers and boost their bottom line. Paid advertising enables you to do so.

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We are a talented digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO with offices in London and Cheltenham. Our one-of-a-kind approach is data-driven, allowing us to provide high-quality and outstanding results for all your SEO and digital marketing needs

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Case Studies

We have helped many clients succeed in digital marketing, such as Gumtree, 888 Poker, Crowne Plaza, Love Honey,
Ebuyer, Ebay, Holiday Inn, Betway Group, AX Paris, Pearson & Smyths Toys.

Facebook Advertising FAQs

Facebook advertising is a great way to target your adverts to the individuals who may be most suited to your products. Facebook is also a widely used platform with over a billion active logins each day, meaning that your adverts have potential to reach a wide audience base on the platform, which can grow your brand awareness and customer base.

You have a choice between, Video ads, Photo ads, Slideshow ads, Carousel ads, Canvas ads and Dynamic Product Ads.

There are many different Facebook ad placements with their own pros and cons, and how they impact conversions. To help find the best ad placement specific to your goals we will first outline the goals you want to achieve.


Facebook custom audiences is a targeting option for your adverts that allows you to find your existing audience among people who are on the platform. Through traffic website traffic, this feature gives you the opportunity to target adverts to people who have already visited your site, enticing them to come again. There’s also the option to make a ‘Lookalike Audience’ where adverts will target uses who display similarities to your current audience base. want to achieve.


Both have potential to reach a huge audience when optimized and used correctly. Google Ads are great for encouraging more organic traffic, whereas Facebook ads can target your ideal customer base more effectively.

Facebook advertising is perfect for the majority of businesses. It gives you an opportunity to engage with a huge, active audience, which can lead to more awareness and increased sales.

Because we’re specialists! We have a team of excellent SEO and social media specialists who can help your business create effective and optimized Facebook ads to really increase your website user base. which can lead to more awareness and increased sales.

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