Keyword Density Tool

Keyword Density Tool

Here at Creative Labs, we love carrying out keyword research, but we understand that this lengthy and time-consuming process isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. As well as selecting the right keywords for your SEO campaigns, you also need to make sure you are using the right amount of keywords, or you risk the wrath of Google. Fortunately, a keyword density SEO tool is all you need to find out how many keywords you are currently using and whether you are using the optimal amount.

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Why Does Your Business Need a Keyword Density Tool?

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about getting your business noticed online, Google currently has over 200 ranking factors that help them to determine how to rank websites, one of which is the use of keywords. Unfortunately, what was once purely a numbers game, is now all about the quality. This means that keyword stuffing is off the table, and the inclusion of well-placed, relevant keywords is the way forward. Therefore, if you want to remain on the good side of Google and enjoy consistently high rankings, you need to ensure that any new content you create does not contain too many keywords, or the unnatural use of keywords. You also need to check over any existing content on your site. Depending on the amount of content you have on your website, and don’t forget this includes all your blog posts, finding out how many keywords you have used could take some time. That is unless you use a keyword density tool that will do all the leg work for you.

How Many Keywords Should You Be Using in Your Content?

The million-pound question: how many keywords is the ideal amount? Unfortunately, there is no exact answer, but there are guidelines that you can follow which will ensure your content can be enjoyed by users and found by search engines. As mentioned above, if you use a keyword too often, known as keyword stuffing, this is frowned upon by Goggle and other popular search engines, not to mention that it can negatively impact the user experience when consuming the content. Instead, aim to use your chosen keywords as naturally as possible and add them where they feel right. Keyword density checker tools can also help you to use the right amount of keywords but don’t emphasize the volume of keywords and instead focus on creating great content that will be loved by searchers and search engines alike. Suppose you struggle with this aspect of content creation. In that case, you may want to enlist the help of a professional content writing service that will create high-quality, unique content that uses the perfect amount of relevant keywords.

How Does a Keyword Density Tool Work?

A keyword density tool is a simple piece of software that allows you to extract the exact amount of keywords on any webpage. All you need to do is enter your URL or copy and paste the text into the input field to use this handy tool. You will then be met with the frequency and occurrence of one-word combinations, two-word combinations, and in some cases, three-word combinations, and based on these numbers, your Google keyword density will be calculated. Predominantly, this tool is used to check if a web page is over-optimised and vulnerable to certain Google algorithm updates, such as the former Panda update designed to seek out low-quality content. However, it can also be used to perform competitor keyword research so that you can see which keywords and phrases your top-performing competitors are using to rank for.

How to Choose a Keyword Density Checker Tool?

Although you can carry out keyword density checks manually, this is not something we recommend as it will take a lot of manpower to evaluate each piece of content on your site. This is why we decided to build one of the ultimate Keyword Density Checker tools that can be easily used by business owners of all technical abilities and on websites of any size. Designed as a guide for keyword usage rather than a mandatory amount, we recommend that brands focus on creating compelling and relevant content that offers real value to the user, as Google are more than capable of understanding and indexing your content without the need for an abundance of keywords. In the meantime, while you wait for our superior keyword density tool, there are other options available online that can help you find out how many keywords are used in a specific piece of text. One example is the Small SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker that is quick and easy to use. All you need to do is enter the text or page URL and this handy tool will analyse the density of your text in a matter of seconds.

Keyword density checker tool Why Choose Creative Labs to Analysis Your Keywords?

Whether you are worried about the number of keywords you have included in your content, struggle with conducting keyword research, or need help creating content that will be favored by both searchers and search engines alike, our dedicated SEO team can help you. With a wealth of experience in not only selecting keywords that guarantee to send your webpages soaring up SERPs but also in writing high quality, captivating content that will set your business apart from its competitors, we can carry out a complete audit of your existing content to ensure you have the perfect SEO keyword density across the board.

How Can Our Keyword Density Checker Help You?

If you have been creating content for your website for many years, the chances are that some of your web pages have been stuffed with an abundance of keywords. Unfortunately, although this once was common practice, it is now frowned upon by search engines and may result in your site being penalized. Understandably, you cannot be expected to trawl through every piece of content you have ever created, and fortunately, you don’t have to. With the help of a Keyword Density Checker tool, you can check through tens of thousands of words of text in a matter of minutes and quickly identify any content that has been stuffed with keywords. Watch this space for free and unlimited access to our new Keyword Density tool or, for immediate help with either keyword research or the elimination of keyword stuffing, get in touch with our talented team of SEO experts here today.