Keyword Gap Analysis Tool

Keyword Gap Analysis Tool

One of the more interesting and productive elements of the keyword research process is key-word gap analysis. This is the process of comparing your target keywords against the target keywords of your organic ranking competitors.

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Why Does Your Business Need Keyword Gap Analysis?

Keyword gap analysis is often overlooked during keyword research, yet it is actually one of the most interesting elements of the overall process. Enabling you to compare target keywords against the target keywords of your organic ranking competitors, keyword intelligence provides valuable insights into your target audience and how they search online, and how search engines rank websites within your niche.

That being said, SEO gap analysis is not a quick process and takes ongoing commitment if you want to see optimum results. Thankfully, this is where a keyword gap analysis tool can prove invaluable.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of carrying out keyword gap analysis and how it can help improve your SEO strategy.

Discover New Keywords

Suppose you are struggling to identify new keywords to improve your SEO efforts. In that case, keyword gap analysis can help you to find new keywords that your competitors are already ranking well for.

Allow for Keyword Analysis

With a keyword gap tool, you can determine the exact words your gap competitors in UK are ranking for in real-time and compare them with your own keyword rankings. This will allow you to improve your existing keyword strategy and enable you to create improved SEO campaigns in the future.

Improve Your Content Strategy

By looking at your competitors’ landing pages, you can better understand their content and keyword strategy and tweak your own campaigns accordingly. This will enable you to create higher-value content that is enjoyed by searchers and easily found and indexed by search engines.

Monitor Your Competitors’ Rankings

Keyword gap analysis allows you to continually monitor your competitors’ rankings on SERPs so you will be better informed of when you need to ramp up your SEO efforts. It can also help you to identify any issues that are affecting your competitors’ rankings and that could potentially impact upon your position on SERPs.

Identify New Competitors

By seeking out keyword gaps, you can identify new organic competitors who might pose a threat to your business in the future. Remember, new businesses that are operating within your niche are most likely popping up every day, so you need to be vigilant.

Benefit Your Guest Blogging Ventures

By carrying out a keyword gap analysis on your guest blogging target, you can ensure you approach high-quality blogs or websites armed with the knowledge that they can help you and that your business can also benefit theirs.

How Does a Keyword Gap Analysis Tool Work?

If you want to know where you stand in relation to your competitors online so that you can focus your SEO efforts accordingly, you need to carry out a keyword gap analysis. However, as briefly mentioned before, this can be a lengthy process that requires consistent analysis for optimum results.

Fortunately, using a keyword gap analysis service lets you take all the hard work out of keyword gap analysis and guarantee accurate, real-time data.

To get started using a keyword gap tool, all you need to do is enter the names of the domains that you want to compare. If you don’t know who your top competitors are, several online tools can help you identify domains with similar keyword rankings.

Once you have entered the domains you would like to compare, you now have to choose which type of keywords you would like to analyse. For example, organic keywords, paid keywords, and PLA keywords.

Depending on the SEO gap analysis tool that you choose to use, you may be met with all or some of the information listed below:

  • Shared keywords. Keywords that every site you entered has a ranking for.
  • Missing keywords. Keywords that your competitors are ranking for but your site is not.
  • Weak keywords. Keywords where you have a ranking, but it is lower than your competitors’ ranking.
  • Strong keywords. Keywords where you are ranking higher than your competitors.
  • Untapped keywords. Keywords that you are not ranking for but one or more of your competitors are.
  • Unique keywords. Keywords which you are ranking for but none of your competitors are.

How to Choose a Keyword Gap Analysis Tool?

Here at Creative Labs, we have spoken to many of our clients about their experiences with free keyword gap analysis tools, and the feedback was not great. From a lack of comprehensive analysis, to free trials that turned into expensive plans, we quickly realised that there was a gap (excuse the pun) in the market for a new and improved keyword gap tool, which is exactly what we are currently creating.

Using a winning combination of our expert knowledge in the art of keyword research and the many SEO tools at our disposal, we are in the process of building the ultimate free keyword gap analysis service that, when combined with our leading SEO services, promises to revolutionize your rankings on SERPS and see you soaring above your main competitors.

In the meantime, while you wait for our superior keyword gap analysis tool, there are other tools available online that can help get you started.

SEMrush, which are known for their extensive range of toolkits, offer a keyword gap analysis tool that allows you to compare the keyword profiles of up to five of your competitors. The results are displayed in easy-to-understand visual charts with keyword overlap between sites and the ability to compare mobile and desktop keywords.

SEMrush keyword Gap Analysis
Why Choose Creative Labs to Carry Out Your Keyword Gap Analysis?

While our keyword gap tool is under development, we can still help you improve your keyword research process by helping you analyze your competitors.

When it comes to carrying out gap analysis SEO, the first step involves figuring out who you want to be measuring yourself against. If you do not know who are your main competitors, this is something that we can help you with.

Once we have identified your competition online, we will then commence analyzing the vast amounts of keyword-related data so that we can supply you with a bespoke, clear, and thorough report of your site’s keyword gap, plus recommendations on how you can improve your SEO efforts and the keywords you use moving forwards.

How Our Free Keyword Gap Analysis Tool Can Help You?

Whether you want to discover gaps in your existing list of target keywords or you are keen to seek out new keyword opportunities to improve your SEO campaigns, our free keyword gap analysis service will be able to help you.

Watch this space for free and unlimited access to our new Keyword Gap Analysis tool or, for immediate help with keyword research and competitor analysis, get in touch with our talented team of SEO experts here today.