The Frameless Glass Company Case Study

The Frameless Glass Company Case Study

Audio Image Solutions came to us just as the coronavirus global pandemic began to take hold back in March of 2020. They wanted to ensure that their 30 years of experience in commercial audio and video systems reached the people who needed it the most despite everything unfolding and businesses struggling for customers.

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The Frameless Glass Company


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The Frameless Glass Company was established to offer a unique and bespoke service within the glazing industry, providing individually designed projects to cater to the specific needs of their clients. Specialising in frameless and minimalistic yet stylish glazing products, The Frameless Glass company works hard to deliver exciting and safe cutting-edge glass installation.

Much like many other businesses that offered predominantly offline services, The Frameless Glass Company had to adapt the way they operated over the past year to ensure that the business continued to thrive during the coronavirus pandemic. As the ability to continue as normal was stripped away from the company due to repeated national lockdowns, it was vital to maintain and foster brand awareness and customer interest, which was achieved through an entirely revamped PPC campaign facilitated by Creative Labs.

With this new PPC campaign, we managed to find a more direct path to further conversion enquiries.


The research aspect of this project was perhaps the most significant, as it was imperative that we learnt of the best way to implement a PPC campaign during this unprecedented time. Therefore, we meticulously researched the current client base, the industry, and the competition to help determine the best place to publish the PPCs, keywords to target, and the optimum copy for the advertisements.

All this research was done to help The Frameless Glass Company gain more traffic, and ultimately, more conversions. We learned from this research that the direction of the company’s pay-per-click campaign needed to change. The next step was implementing that.

Nest Steps

Once thorough research was complete, implementing their PPC campaign was the next step. Launching at the peak of the global pandemic, we pushed through the crisis and created a campaign that not only helped the business survive through this challenging period but prosper.


For many businesses in the UK that had to go on standby for large portions of the year, damage limitation was a priority for many. However, that wasn’t the case for The Frameless Glass Company, as our optimised PPC campaign helped them to achieve remarkable results.

Over the past 12 months, we have helped the business achieve:

  • 162K Impressions
  • 12K Click-to-site

Plus, even with three national lockdowns getting in the way, the business managed to maintain steady growth for their enquiry conversions.


With our help, The Frameless Glass Company could continue to implement their vision and provide an innovative solution for their clients that is both realistic and extraordinary and maintain care for each and every client. Rather than sinking, the business has instead managed to adapt to the conditions of the times and evolve, with their increased impressions and clicks helping them attract new customers and excel in the future.


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