Website Word Count Tool

Website Word Count Tool

If you want your content to rank well on SERPs and be enjoyed by your target audience, you need to make sure it has the right amount of words. If you are looking to find out how to do word count quickly and accurately, then a web page word counter is just what you need.

Ensure your content has the optimal word count with a website word counter.

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Why Your Business Needs a Word Count Checker Tool?

Whether you are a proficient writer or you just about manage to generate one blog post per month for your website, a word count checker tool can help ensure that any content you create is the optimal length for SEO.

If you are thinking, “why can’t I just count the words manually”, then, of course, you can. However, it is worth knowing that it is not just your blogs that need to be counted but any content that is on your website, your social media platforms, and in your emails can also benefit from being the right word count.

For example, the ideal length for a tweet is around 100 characters, whereas for a Facebook post it is less than 40.

Plus, don’t forget that you need to count not only any new content you create but also any existing content on your website.

By using a website word counter, you can word count any content that you want in a matter of seconds, and you are guaranteed 100% accuracy.

How to Choose a Website Word Count Tool

When it comes to finding a free word counter tool online, there are multiple options for you to choose from. Firstly, you can find basic word counter tools that are not specifically designed with SEO in mind but simply count the number of words in any given piece of text. There is nothing wrong with these simple word count tools and they do the job.

However, if you are looking for a website world counter that offers more advanced features and that has been carefully crafted to complement your SEO efforts, then we can help you.

We are currently in the process of creating the ultimate free online website word counter that offers 100% precision and can be used as many times as you wish without any subscription needed. Furthermore, when you use our website word count tool, we are also standing by to help you with any other important metrics of SEO content creation such as readability, keyword density, and search volume.

In the meantime, while you wait for our superior website word counter tool, there are other online resources that you can use for free to count the words of your content.

Our favorite online word count checker tools include:

  • Small SEO Tools Word Counter -this tool also check for grammatical errorsseo small word counter
  • – This tool also analyses sentence length and keywordsword counter

All of the above are free to use and provide you with an accurate word count for any piece of text in a matter of seconds.

What is the Optimal Word Count for SEO?

Before you start looking for a URL world counter, you first need to know how many words your content should ideally contain. Unfortunately, as with most aspects of SEO, there is no one definitive answer. That being said, several key factors affect how long or short a piece of content should be such as what kind of content you are producing and where is it intended to be placed on your site.

Here at Creative Labs, we know what content length tends to appease Google’s algorithms, and we are happy to share this information with you.

Avoid thin content

When using a website word counter, it can be helpful to know what is the minimum amount of words that you can use on a page before Google starts overlooking your content in favor of your competitors. As a general rule, thin content is anything under 300 words. Even if you include amazing visuals, Google will still want to see at least 500 words of text for them to associate value to the page.

Focus on quality content

All too often, website owners become fixated on checking word count online, when really they should be focusing their efforts on creating compelling and original content that offers value to both searchers and search engines alike.

Whether you write a 1,000-word blog or a 3,000-word article, if you answer people’s questions and people enjoy reading your content, then Google will reward you accordingly, regardless of the supposed “ideal google word count”.

You can always use a free word count tool to see what other websites that rank for your keywords are writing about and how long their content is but remember that quality will always win over quantity.

Remember your readers

When creating content online, people often become too focused on impressing the search engines and forget that actual people will be clicking on and reading your blogs, articles, and website copy. Therefore, before you become too reliant on a words counter, take a moment to think about your readers and the user experience you are providing with your content.

For example, if you are writing about “how to pick the perfect summer outfit”, you are unlikely to need 10,000 words to answer this question. So, if you are tempted to stretch out a word count to impress Google, remember that they also take other factors into accounts, such as bounce rates and the amount of time spent on a page.

How Can Our Word Counter Tool Help You

A website word counter can be extremely useful in making sure that you are not creating content that is too thin or that you are not rambling on for thousands of words without offering any additional value to your target audience. That being said, if you want your content marketing efforts to be a success, this tool is only one small part of the puzzle.

Here at Creative Labs, we are in the process of creating our very own word counter that is designed to be used alongside our content marketing services so that you can enjoy maximum visibility online and soar ahead of your competitors on SERPs.

Our talented team of content writers are ready and waiting to help you create compelling and captivating content that promises to impress searchers and search engines alike.

Watch this space for free and unlimited access to our new and improved Word Counter Tool or, for immediate help with creating content for your website, get in touch with our talented team of SEO-friendly content writers here today.

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