Your Parking Space SEO Case Study

Your Parking Space SEO Case Study

Your Parking Space came to us in August 2015 with the target of drawing up a SEO strategy that would increase traffic, leads and overall revenue of the marketing channel. With this in mind the Creative Labs team went through the following process to start the SEO campaign. Would you like to know more about the Your Parking Space campaign? Contact us.

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What we did

1. Started off by conducting keyword research and benchmarking the current organic performance to establish quick wins and key areas of performance improvements.

2. Conducted a full on-page audit looking at simple on-page optimisation such as title tags, descriptions and h1’s then moving on to more complex optimisation with content optimisation, internal linking, rich snippets, page speed and fixing internal URL errors.

3. The Creative Labs team them presented all the recommend changes to the client and gave additional support to their internal team as they were making the on-page SEO updates.

4. We then started working on the link building campaign by manually outreaching to relevant blogs and websites either asking for link or offing up high quality content for their sites.

5. Reporting was key to the success of this campaign so the Your Parking Space could monitor our performance and SEO activity each month.

The Creative Labs team went through the above process to produce the results below.

Keyword Ranking

Your Parking Spaces tasked Creative Labs with improving 137 target keywords. The graph shows the average keyword rankings of 137 target keywords in August 2015 and then again in June 2017.

In August 2015 the average keyword ranking for the 137 keywords was position 56. In June 2017 the average keyword ranking for the 137 keywords was position 7.

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Organic Measurements


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Capturepdf6 7


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Capturepdf6 9


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Capturepdf6 11


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Capturepdf6 13


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